Advanced Level (QX-AD-2D)
2-day "Comprehensive" £450+VAT (*1-day "Crash" £245+VAT)

InDesign CS5

2-day Course Topics (*Crash course contents vary per client)

Content Summary: Streamlined workflow, automation, interactivity, advacned layout and typography, CS integration
Results: Interactive PDF, short book, online flip brochure, book

Ideal for: A professional designer in need of absolute speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Bezier and image control

Bezier control
Shapes and paths
Using alpha channels that are embedded
Merge and Split commands
Converting text to an outline
Importing text or pictures into converted text
Inverted runaround
Runaround on imported clipping paths
Editing imported clipping paths
Quark clipping path
Locking attributes
Most efficient ways of working with complex or irregular paths

Professionally Typesetting Layouts

Justification options
Finding and changing advanced optionsUsing tabs in QuarkXPress
Setting paragraph rules
Defining space before and after
Paragraph and character style sheets editing
Hyphenation options
Tracking & Kerning Type
Editing track and kern settings
Glyphs and ligatures
Underline styles
Font mapping
Creative typography
Working with the baseline grid
Working to tight deadlines
Working around type problems

Page Layout

Organising Library Items
Grouped-item Manipulation
Step and Repeat
Adjusting Space Between Items
Working with Layer Items


Creating & manipulating tables
Importing tabbed information
Excel spreadsheets
Adding text & pictures to tables
Choosing separators
Linking table cells
Formatting cells and tables
Advanced table work
Using tables and tabs to achieve certain effects
Paragraph rules


PSD import
Special effects
Library usage – advanced


Advanced colour usage
Spot colours
Special treatments


Dealing with transparency
Transparency control


Advanced picture adjustment
Batch converting pictures
Saving & re-using settings


Understanding Shared Content
Working with boxes
Creating a synchronised picture entry
Creating a synchronised text entry

Composition Zones

Creating a composition zone
Editing a composition zone
Sharing layouts

Applying Colour Management

Set Up
Choosing Printer Device Profiles
Trapping Settings
Changing Image Profiles

Printing from Quark XPress

Picture usage utility
Font usage utility
Collecting for output and limitations
Creating reusable print styles
Setting Quark Preferences
Proof output
Trapping management
Component status
Management of job jackets and tickets

Getting Interactive

Layouts for the web
Creating hyperlinks
Rollovers & Forms
Create interactive button controls
Simple Flash animations
PowerPoint-style presentations with full end-user interactivity
Importing movies
Saving under HTML/Web export options
SWF Output
Special characters
PDFs for print, and PDFs for web

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Quark Xpress v8

New Features Summary:

  • Shapemaker
  • Callouts
  • Conditional Styles
  • Story Editor
  • Cloner
  • Table creation enhancements
  • Enhanced digital publishing
  • Layout automation.

Released: April 2015


QuarkXPress 2015 Release 11.0 (2015) - 64-bit version only, over 5 meters max page size, fixed-layout interactive eBooks (fxl ePub), footers and end notes, text variables, custom paper sizes user-definable shortcut keys (Mac only), table styles.


May 2015 Release ( - bug fixes

July 2015 Release (11.0.1) - faster launch speed

Sep 2015 Release (11.1) - Support for Windows 10

Oct 2015 Release (11.2) - Support for OS X El Capitan

"Not only does Traci know her stuff, she knows how to share that knowledge in a relaxed and cheerful manner so that even a non-techie person like me can grasp it. I like the way she tailor-makes courses to fit your requirements, and encourages questions, however basic."

Wendy Smith
Intermediate, Crash Course,