Training session information

Course timings

10am - 4.30/5pm (Registration from 9.30 to 9.45. Questions taken from 4.15pm)

11.15 to 11.30am: morning break.
1pm to 2pm: lunch.
3.15 to 3.30pm: afternoon break.


Lunch is provided at out Bristol training suite.

Region /location

Nationwide: just tell us where and we'll be there.
Or at our Bristol training suite.

Please specify your chosen location when you book. In some cases, where extensive travel is involved, we will advise you that expenses will be added to the bill. We also have bases in Devon, London and Newcastle, so whether you're North, South, East or West, we can come to you.

Booking your course

Once you have booked your course/s with us, we will send a reminder of any relevant details and information to the attendee/s. We may also need to email the attendee/s a set of questions relating to course topics, to help us pack in as much as possible to the course.

Reduced fees

If the course is paid for in advance, we will reduce the course fee by 5%.

Cancelling your course

Cancellation notice is required 48 hours in advance of course commencement.If you do not cancel outside of this 48 hour period, you will be charged 50% of the course fee. We apologise for the high rate but once a course is fully booked it is often very difficult to allocate the dates to someone else within such a short space of time. If another customer is especially flexible and we can swap your course at such short notice without impinging on them, we will not charge you. The cancellation fee helps us cover our administrative costs, and loss of earnings for the day.

Course completion

Included in the course payment are the following:

  • a certificate of completion
  • notes (workshops only)
  • lunch (groups only, at our training room)
  • 90 days' free training support
  • a pen and note-pad

We are happy to set our students homework in order to help them practice what they have learned to better effect.

Client feedback

We are very proud of our courses, and our instructors. We invite students to submit feedback on an instructor's performance, by downloading a Feedback Form, or emailing us at the end of the course. This ensures the instruction we provide stays of the highest calibre. Our reputation is very important to us, and we hope that if you have found our courses useful, you will recommend us.

You can download a feedback form here >>

Referral scheme

We are keen to grow our business and rely heavily on past and existing clients recommending us to others. As a way of thanking you, we have a scheme in place that ensures your company, or you, are paid a £10 cheque for any new client you've put in touch with us, who has a minimum of 1 day's training with us.


If you are visiting Bristol and staying overnight, we can recommend hotels to you.
If we travel to your offices/train on-site, we do not charge travel expenses within an hour's radius of BS7. Outside of that radius will incur travel expenses.


Our rooms have tea-making facilities and a toilet on the same floor.

We can train up to 10 students at a time. Our laptops come fully equipped with the relevant software, but students are actively encouraged, wherever possible, to bring their own laptops to the training session, unless their computers are particularly slow or old.

A projector and screen are often used in some of our group training sessions.

Design workshops rely more on pen and paper, as well as a projector and screen, for examining case studies.

Our instructors require clear access to power sockets for the projector and the teaching computer, plus a free desk area on which to place this equipment.

If you would like us to bring laptops to your premises, please call 0845 9049 789, as this affects our insurance.

Ideally it should be quiet and free of incoming telephone calls.

Course structure

We endeavour to make our courses as enjoyable and as effective as possible. Prepare to learn in lots of different ways! We have taught a great many people from all kinds of backgrounds and professions and with vastly differing abilities. If the student/s in question have a preferred style of learning, we ask them to notify us before the course commences so we can build this in to the structure (e.g. memory impairment, dyslexia or a similar condition which affects the way in which someone absorbs information).

Course prices

We are a small company, but charge VAT. Please bear this in mind when looking at the prices page >>.

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Cancellation terms

When charges apply

Cancellation and re-scheduling notice is required 48 working hours in advance of course commencement. If a cancellation or re-schedule is made within this time window, the client will be charged 50% of the course fee. If however another client is especially flexible and it allows us to swap the course being cancelled at such short notice without impinging on them, no charge will be made.

We apologise for the high rate but once a course is fully booked it is occasionally very difficult to allocate the dates to someone else within such short space notice.

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ruled line

"Everybody's brain learns in a slightly different way. We have to ascertain within the first few minutes what a person's learning style and capabilities are."

Traci Rochester, Founder

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